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Name: Recognai
Year incorporated: 2017
Location: Madrid
Sector: Multi-sectoral
Specific area: A data science platform aimed at automating information management
Aim: To put an end to companies´ wild data

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Transforming artificial intelligence

The team at RECOGNAI has proposed combatting uncontrolled "wild data" that cannot be exploited as its mission. To accomplish this, they put forward a response to the need organizations have of exploiting, organizing, understanding, improving and enriching the growing amounts of information they handle on a day-to-day basis in order to offer better services and customer experiences. Through an approach that combines semantic technologies and deep learning, RECOGNAI provides us with a transparent, multilingual, multichannel, artificial intelligence solution that converts "wild" data flows into managed data ecosystems and predictive models which allow new digital services and user experiences to be activated. All this is made possible through its Recognai Biome software, a hybrid platform (SaaS and on-premise) which makes the integration, organization and standardization of data flows from different channels (product catalogs, sales, client databases, logistics, etc.) and in different languages possible through predictive continuing learning models and a smart search engine.

CORREOS and RECOGNAI wish to develop predictive and smart search models to enhance and activate new digital services.

“In conjunction with RECOGNAI, CORREOS will place artificial intelligence at the service of its users and employees”


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