Cases of Deep Learning that you wouldn´t imagine by Serendeepia


Raúl Arrabables - Jorge Muñoz - Javier Ordóñez

18:30h CorreosLabs, Auditorio

Next Wednesday, September 12, an event will take place in CorreosLabs that aims to provide a different vision of Deep Learning.


Thanks to Serendeepia and its co-founders, Raúl Arrabables, Jorge Muñoz and Javier Ordóñez, we will learn more about Deep Learning and its usual applications in the domain of images, text and audio.

The speakers will focus during their talk on three main contents: contextual information in Deep Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Deep Reinforcement Learning. Without going too deep into the algorithms, the topics will be approached from a business point of view in order to show what it is possible to do with Deep Learning. A variety of applications and specific examples will be shown to understand the use and value of Deep Learning and its application in real contexts.

We will also talk about how Deep Learning is beginning to be applied in different areas to solve problems that were previously solved with other techniques and what are the advantages that can be obtained.

We are sure that there is much to discover about Deep Learning, so we look forward to seeing you at CorreosLabs.

Come and join us!


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