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Name: Homyhub
Year incorporated: 2017
Location: Madrid and London
Sector: Smart mobility
Specific area: Smart buildings and homes
Aim: To free up all the potential in garages

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Enzo Zamora Homyhub


Creators of garages as secure delivery sites

Are we aware of the many uses technology can have today? Homyhub offers us a good example. They are experts in smart homes and their technology can convert the phone you carry around all the time into a control device. Your smartphone will become your new smart remote control device. They propose to start up services and functionalities like "secure delivery", which allows postal and parcel service operators, such as Correos, to be integrated through smart devices to open locked spaces. Garages can thus be made into secure delivery points for shipments without it being necessary for the recipient to be at home.

“The service integrates postal operators like Correos into our garage's devices and ecosystems to convert them into a secure delivery point at any time”


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