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Name: DotGIS
Year incorporated: 2016
Location: Madrid
Sector: Business Analytics
Specific area: Geospatial analysis
Aim: To simplify complex data analysis through maps

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Maps at the service of data

DOTGIS is a geospatial analysis startup that uses GIS technology to analyze huge amounts of geospatial data in reports that can be useful for companies. One of its strengths is the ability to expand the use of mapping to place it at the disposal of companies in their day-to-day activities. To achieve this, it not only offers the tool itself, but also transparent, user-friendly, professional advice the end user can benefit from to make the most out of the opportunities offered by this new technology. All this translates into geospatial analyses having diverse criteria and scales, applications and tools especially tailored to the company´s needs, and updates and maintenance of this GIS-based infrastructure. More specifically, one of these analyses consists of route calculations, but with a series of additional functionalities, including: routes by batches, multipoint routes, real-time route calculations (to deal with new passage points) and direct or reverse geocoding. Thus, through its own algorithms, it is able to identify the shortest and most efficient route based on classified behavior and patterns. These services can be combined with realistic 3D view analyses developed by means of BIM methodologies. This makes identifying delivery points within a building easier by guiding the deliveryman to the exact point required.

DOTGIS and CORREOS will work jointly on improving a solution that enables route management and optimization to be enhanced.

“Data on its own is of little or no use. We add the geographic factor to understand why and how things happen. And we provide intelligence thanks to where they take place”


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