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We're the innovation team at Correos and we've set up CorreosLabs to accompany you on your path in the world of entrepreneurship, which may be long and complicated. We're here to help you with whatever you might need during the year the Correos entrepreneurship program lasts. We'll advise you and serve as your guides for your project's development. We'll also put you into contact with mentors, entrepreneurs and other players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as with possible investments that will allow your idea to go a long way.


Internal mentors are professionals who work for Correos. They’ll be in charge of giving you the support you need to ensure your project is a success. Each internal mentor is an expert with long-standing experience in his/her area of specialization and has made a firm commitment to take part in the program so that startups can take advantage of all their knowledge and experience.
These are some of the areas our internal mentors can advise you about:


Icono logística


Take your product anywhere

Icono legal


Legal advice

Icono ecommerce


Your business on the Internet

Icono ayudas


And public funding

Icono marketing


Communication for your brand

Icono retail


To the point of sale


External mentors are professionals who are not employed by Correos, but who have made a commitment to support entrepreneurs during their progression at CorreosLabs. External mentors are also experts in their area of specialization and will show great interest and enthusiasm to see each project grow.


If you want to stay in touch, send us your details and we'll keep you informed about all the news.